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Hello and welcome to the homepage of Ute and Reginaldo.

Since having moved to Shanghai, keeping in touch with family and friends has been a challenge and no matter how often one writes emails or talks on the phone, it is hard to really truely let your loved ones be part of your every day life. All the scenes, episodes and small adventures we face every day in such a foreign culture are hard to understand for the ones at home.

Therefore, we designed this website to always be able to share the latest stories and pictures with all those who know us and those who want to share with us the knowledge about how live in China for a "Lao Wai" really is.

As we are just developing the site, not every page is available and filled yet. Slowly but surely it should get more and more. Stick with us on this! Even if it might take a while And if you have any comments, let us know.

We hope you enjoy this little collection and keep visiting us in future.

Ute & Reg

This place is for news
This place is for news
This place is for news